Sneak Peak Photo Shoot of RED LETTERS

Nov 22, 05:19 PM by editor

Here’s a sneak peak at our RED LETTERS cast during the photo shoot for the production.

Endless Laundry – Alvin Tran as Shen, Jimmy Yi as Boss

Mei doing laundry in China – Rosie Simon as Mei

Siu Wong informing Boss of the Government Plans – Jimmy Yi and Christopher Kim Sing as Siu Wong

Ping contemplating reading his parents’ letters – Alan Wong as Ping

Joseph Looking for Work at the Local Sawmill – Ryan Erwin as the Employer and Isaac Kwok as Joseph

The CAST after 5 weeks of intense rehearsals
L to R
Rosie Simon, Jimmy Yi, Alan Wong, Christopher Kim Sing, Isaac Kwok, Ryan Erwin, Alvin Tran

Photo credit: Diana Wong

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