Announcing Our Fall 2018 Mainstage Show!

by: Annie Jang on

VACT’s next mainstage show will be The Ones We Leave Behind by Loretta Seto. Loretta was the playwright behind the smash hit Dirty Old Woman, which enjoyed a sold out run at The Cultch in the 2015-16 season. Confirmed cast are Agnes Tong, Brahm Taylor, Jimmy Yi, Josh Drebit and Alannah Ong with John Cooper as director.

When we asked Loretta about what inspired her to write The Ones We Leave Behind, this is what she said:

The creative seeds of The Ones We Leave Behind came from my observations about how we've become increasingly disconnected from each other within our society, and how that manifests into feelings of isolation and loneliness. The reality of our world is a place where more and more people live alone, find solace and entertainment from endless Netflix and YouTube videos, and can easily conduct their day-to-day activities without having to have any meaningful interaction with another human being. How have we gotten so far away from those familial and societal bonds that traditionally gave us strength and comfort? I explore some of these issues in my play, which revolves around Abby Chung, who investigates the life of Beatrice, an elderly woman who died completely alone without any family or friends to claim her. At the same time, Abby must confront her own demons and work to solve the mystery of her own life—the truth about her father who abandoned her and her mother years ago. Ultimately, it is a story that reminds us of the redemptive power of human connection, and how we all yearn for it whether we think we need it or not.
We can’t wait to see this production come to life!

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