Announcing Our 2018 MSG Lab Playwrights and Reading Dates

by: Annie Jang on

There were a number of really great scripts submitted this year—all had merit, but we could only choose three. After much deliberation, the three finalists this year are:

i broke the ocean written by Gary Mok 
Dramaturgy by Joanna Garfinkel

Japanglish written by Yumi Ogawa
Dramaturgy by Kathleen Flaherty
The Boat People written by Sangeeta Wylie
Dramaturgy by Heidi Taylor 

The selected plays will be receiving 4 months of dramaturgy provided by the Playwrights Theatre Centre, culminating in a workshop and public reading at the end of the process in early 2018. Thank you to everyone who made a submission this year, and please keep writing for next year's MSG Lab!

Save the date! The 2018 MSG Lab Readings will be taking place February 22-24, 2018 at PTC, 8pm nightly.

Here's a glimpse into what each play is about and the date of the reading:

The Boat People by Sangeeta Wylie – Feb 22, 2018

The Boat People is a play based on a true story that took place in 1979-80. It is an epic tale of a Vietnamese family, a mother with six children separated from their father on the sea, as they flee Communist Vietnam, surviving pirate attacks and typhoons, being towed out to sea and set adrift to die, shipwrecked onto a deserted island and starving nearly to death, before being rescued, and living 9 months in refugee camps, and eventually reuniting with their father, presumed dead, in Victoria, BC. But the story is much more than a physical journey. It is a journey of human vulnerability, and internalized conflicts. It is a journey of finding one's courage and strength. It is a journey of forgiveness and reconciliation, grown out of a stark past. It is a journey of hope.

Japanglish 2 by Yumi Ogawa – Feb 23, 2018

Japanglish 2 (working title) gets inside the lives of Sumiko and Takashi as they become grandparents for the first time and desperately try to reconnect with their Canadian born daughter, Akiko. The story is told in the voices of the new grandparents as they struggle to bring their experiences growing up in a different culture to support their daughter, while themselves battling the complications of aging.

I broke the ocean by Gary Mok – Feb 24, 2018

A Chinese man swims the whole Pacific Ocean to immigrate to Canada. Ming can't breathe, Funny can't talk, Pip can't quit, Vicky can't love, and Sim is going to solve slavery. i broke the ocean is a one-act play that was initially developed at the National Theatre School of Canada.

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